Statewide Criminal Search

Broaden the scope of your background checks to ensure the safety of your workplace.

Pre-employment screening has become a routine part of recruiting, with a criminal background check being a standard feature of the process. While you can limit your search to the employee's home county, it is always a good idea to broaden your scope to include the applicant's entire state. In doing so, you can guarantee that an applicant does not have a criminal record extending outside their resident county. This check is typically referred to as a Statewide Criminal Search.


Statewide Criminal Searches are conducted on the state level and provide information drawn from the state’s criminal record repository (excluding California, Delaware, Hawaii, and Louisiana). There are few actual state criminal history archives, and the quality of the information available varies depending on the state's guidelines and the regularity with which each county reports.

Statewide criminal databases usually compile data from a variety of sources: previous county criminal records, county criminal registries, the Department of Corrections, and the statewide sex offender registries. Here's what you should know about Statewide Criminal Search:

  • It provides felony, misdemeanor, and traffic charges.
  • It’s reliant upon each county to submit criminal records on the state level.
  • Additional court fees may apply for archived records.


Despite time or resource limitations, it is recommended companies conduct a statewide background check on any prospective employees during pre-employment screening.

Although a statewide background check is not the most complete record available, it is a useful tool for employers. It can not only serve as a good beginning point for a pre-employment screening procedure, but it can also help a company determine which prospects are a good investment.

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